Mulligan Stew Jan 9th 2021- Weeping in The Promised Land

All time is history. However…right now we appear to be living through a very historical time. For all the wrong reasons.

A Covid 19 pandemic systematically stealing lives.

Angry revolts in the streets of America. Divided friends and families.

Dark and lonely days my friends.

It’s a lot to ask music to heal these days but heal it can.  That’s asking a lot of artists who are going through their own hell.

But try we must. heal we must.

Let’s try on Saturday night…One tune at a time including one very special song from John Fogerty.

It’s called Weeping in the Promised land.

John wrote the title down 25 years ago and only now has it become a record.

John couldn’t figure what the song wanted to say until 2020.  Then it came to him.

Just John Fogerty at a piano and an unseen choir.  Powerful stuff friends…

(the video below is a slightly different version of the one I’m going to play)

Along the way we’re going to celebrate famous birthdays on this Day Jan 9

Dave Mathews  – 1967

Jimmy Page – 1944

Joan Baez – 1941

Roy Head – 1941

We’ll also play tunes by Lou Reed – who married a cocktail waitress named Betty in 1973. For a couple of days.

The Beatles whose album Beatles 65 went from #98 to #1 in a week in 1965

The Rolling Stones – because the heart and soul of that band Mr. Charlie Watts first sat down at the  Stones drum kit in 1963.

Throw in some Bob Dylan – Crossing the Rubicon

The Band and The Staple Singers

Leeroy Stagger

BB King and Van Morrison

BB King and Eric Clapton

Steve Earle

Ray Charles

Chrissie Hynde

Onward my friends – there’s a new day coming


Mulligan Stew Jan 9 2021 Onward
Albert’s Shuffle Kooper. Bloomfield.Stills Super Session
Stronger than that Bahamas Bahamas is Afie
Subterranean Homesick Blues Rickey Lee Jones The Village
Heatwave (live) Joan Osbourne Standing in the Shadow of Motown
early in the morning BBKIng and Van Morrison BB King and friends (80)
Riding with the King BBKing and Eric Clapton Riding with the King NEXT – Dave Mathews.Led Zep.Joan Baez.Roy Head
you and me Dave Mathews Band Big Whiskey
Going to California Led Zeppelin LZ 4
The night they drove old Dixie down Joan Baez Blessed are…
Treat her right Roy Head Still treat em right Coming UP – A Beatles Mix
I’ll be back The Beatles Beatles 65
Watching the wheels Chris Cornell No one sings like you anymore tdmulligan
Weeping in a Promised Land John Fogerty Single
This is Mulligan Stew www.mulliganstew.cxa
walking the dog The Rolling Stones Englands Newest Hitmakers
Dirty Blvd Lou Reed Dirty Blvd
Good News CoCo Love Alcorn Wonderland
Crossing the Rubicon Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways NEXT – The Band and The Staple Singers
The Last Waltz Suite – The Weight The Band and Staple Singers The Last Waltz
Caught in the Middle Leeroy Stagger Me and The Mountain Coming UP – Steve Earle. Dion. Ray Charles.Chrissie Hynde
Champagne Corolla Steve Earle JT
blues coming on Dion and Joe Bonamassa Blues with Friends
Mulligan Stew
Drown in my own tears (live) Ray Charles Live
How glad I am Chrissie Hynde and Valve Bone Woe Valve Bone Woe