Mulligan Stew Aug 1st 2020- Margo Price Interview and Peter Green Tribute

I’ll take some liberties with the actual words but I recently remember coming across these two headlines that seemed to define the profile of Margo Price.

Margo Price is here to save Rock.

Margo Price. The next superstar of Country.

There’s some truth in both but if you ask Margo she may say “I’m somewhere in between”

With her new album, That’s how rumors get started  Margo takes a stance somewhere between Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen.

Smart move.

 We’ve lost Tom and Bruce finds himself releasing live Broadway sets,  modern country, and future solo works.

Somebody has to claim that sound and those audiences. Why not Margo Price.

She’s a fan of Janis Joplin and Linda Ronstadt. Two amazing singers who could not be wrapped up in a neat box.

They did what they did and you could come along or maybe reconnect down the road.

Margo is outspoken, passionate about her songs and music, and possesses one of the best voices.

We covered a lot of ground in this interview.

Tracks from the album, losing one child, discovering she was pregnant as she started the album, the personal cost of endless days on the road, and her place in music.

Touched on Black Lives Matter and the whole Lady A mess.

And the album?  Flat out, her best yet.

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We pay tribute to the late Peter Green..the co-founder of the original Fleetwood Mac. Brilliant guitarist and songwriter.

New tracks from

Bob Dylan

Serena Ryder

Ben  Harper and Rhiannon Giddens


Derek Trucks  The Sky

Taj Mahal – Cakewalk

Jill Barber – Chances

Blue Rodeo- Lost Together

Dr. John  – Mess Around

Stones – Love in Vail Live

Leonard Cohen – Hallelujah Live

kd lang  Trail of broken hearts live

and Classics

Bachman.  Cummings – American Woman 2007

Queen –  Crazy little thing

Blues for Greeny – Gary Moore

Have a great Long Weekend  – Be Safe


PLAYLIST: Tonights guest Margo Price
Got to Move (live) Fleetwood Mac Live in Boston
This sky The Derek Trucks Band Songlines
mess around Dr John Anthology Tonights guest Margo Price
black eyed dog ben harper – rhiannon giddens single
If you be my baby Gary Moore Blues for Greeny
Mulligan Stew with tdm Tonights guest Margo Price
Crossing the Rubicon Bob Dylan rough and rowdy ways
cakewalk in to town taj mahal the essential TM
love in vain (live) Rolling stones totally stripped (brixton)
This is The Stew – CKUA Radio Coming UP – Margo Price Interview
Hallelujah (live) leonard cohen live in dublin
trail of broken dreams (live) kd lang Reintarnation
This is The Stew – CKUA Radio
Margo Price Interview Complete podcast at
gone to stay margo price that’s how rumors get started
Margo Price Interview complete interview mulliganstew podcast
prisoner of highway margo price that’s how rumors get started
Margo Price Interview complete interview on mulliganstew podcast
I would die for you margo price thats how rumors get started
candy serena ryder candy single
American woman 2007 Bachman Cummings jukebox
chances jill barber chances
king of July the radio grand town and country
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lost together blue rodeo lost together
Have a great weekend
crazy little thing queen the game