Mulligan Stew June 27th-Corb Lund Interview

Hello all…as Canada Day approaches I need to know one thing – Did You Wash Your Hands??

What a bizarre and wondrous time we’re surviving in.

That begs a second question – Does Music have the power to HEAL?

 If you talk to the artists making the music the answer is absolutely.  If you talk to the audience ..many of them will tell you – it does heal. Lifts the soul and the spirit.

I’ve seen it in hospitals and recovery rooms. I’ve read the email to CKUA.

So Mulligan Stew and CKUA Radio have the ability to become a part of the healing process.

Let’s get healed.

The guest tonight on Mulligan Stew is – Corb Lund.


Corbie and his amazing band have crafted Agricultural Tragic, his newest music in years.

That’s  Corb’s description of what they write and play. It’s a throwaway line in interviews and from the stage that’s actually become “something”.

Corb has 6 generations of ranching family,  so you know he ‘s lived what he writes.

Tracks like

Old Men

I think you oughta try whiskey

Raining Horses

Dance with your spurs on

Louis L’Amour

Never not had horses

Ranchin’ Ridin’ Romance – (Two outta three ain’t bad)

Tattoos Blues

This music was meant for hot and sweaty clubs and stages.

We may never see that again so here’s the next best thing is – MULLIGAN STEW

(did I oversell it?

There’s an honesty and truth in Corb’s music.  He plays like he says it. If you let the music into your heart it will move in and heal.

The complete Corb Lund/TDM interview can be heard on MulliganStew Podcast  (

It’s a giggle!

Great playlist tonight.

We start and finish the Stew with Bob Dylan.

Right off the top, it’s  Goodbye Jimmy Reed from Rough and Rowdy Ways. His 39th and perhaps best album.

That’s’ saying something.

We finish with Murder Most Foul,   a 17 minute closer to the album that,  if it’s his last music ever, would be a huge closing statement about our life and times.

I get to read a wonderful email from a listener who heard the track 2 weeks ago as she was picking up Ian Tyson for a dinner. Ian asked to play the song on the way home and they sat in his driveway and listened to the last 5 minutes …Ian kept saying “wow.”

NEXT WEEK – Eric Burton – co-leader/ singer/writer of the Black Pumas.

Eric’s street busking lead him from LA to Austin and his discovery. After a police bust for no permit!

Eric and I talked about how different that bust would have been today.

One of the songs he played 100’s of times on the streets was Colours.  When it was nominated for a Grammy he knew his life would be much changed.

Thanks for listening. Playlist below



Mulligan Stew June 27 2020
Host TDMulligan our guest – Corb Lund and new album
goodbye jimmy reed bob dylan rough and rowdy ways
shame shame shame jimm reed the very best
Long as I can see the light john fogerty fogerty factory
a change is going to come aretha franklin I nver loved a man Special Guest Corb Lund
so you want to be a rock andf roll star (live) tom petty and the heartbreakers Live at the Wiltern LA
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Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
90 seconds of your time Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Dance with your spurs on Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
I think you ought to try whisky Corb Lund (with Jaida Dreyer) Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview
Never not had horses Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic
Corb Lund Interview Complete Interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Old men Corb Lund Agricultural Tragic Coming UP – Bob Dylan Murder Most Foul
where the blues begin Buddy Guy and Carlos Santana Living Proof
40 light years Colin James Miles to go NEXT 17 minutes of Dylan
Murder Most Foul Bob Dylan Rough and Rowdy Ways