Mulligan Stew Jan4th 2020- Remembering Artists Lost in 2019

Had I tried to honor those we lost for the entire decade…I would have needed a whole month of Stews.

So, we remember and salute artists who passed on in 2019.

Clydie King (Jan 7)  Her credits are so impressive but we play

The Stones  –  Tumbling Dice. Exile of Main Street)

Linda Ronstadt – Heart Like a Wheel

Bob Dylan –Saved

Joe Cocker /Mad Dogs and Englishmen – Live at Fillmore East –  Cry me a River.

Robert Hunter (Sept 23) – Lyricist for Grateful Dead –


New Orleans lost three famous stars within weeks of each other.


(June 6)– Junko partner  Gumbo

Dr John/Mac Rebennack  (June 6)– Junko partner  Gumbo

Dave  Bartholomew

Dave  Bartholomew (June 23) –  Jump Children

Fats Domino – Blue Monday – Dave wrote it

Fats Domino  – The Fat Man –  Ditto

Art Neville

Art Neville (July 22)

The Meters   Fire on the Bayou

The Neville Brothers – Hey Pocky Way

Mark Hollis

Mark Hollis (Feb 25)  Talk Talk  It’s my life

Hal Blaine

Hal Blaine ( March 11)

The Beach Boys – Good Vibrations

The Ronettes – Be My Baby

And that’s just the first hour !!

It’s 2020- Let’s get busy!



Welcome to Year 25 OF Mulligan Stew Jan 4 2020
Cry me a River (live) Joe Cocker – Mad Dogs and Englishmen (Clydie King) Live at the Fillmore East
Heart like a wheel Linda Ronstadt (Clydie King) Heart like a wheel
Tumbling Dice The Rolling Stones (Clydie King) Exile on main street
Saved Bob Dylan (Clydie King) Saved Artists lost in 2019
Truckin’ Grateful Dead (Robert Hunter) American beauty
It’s my life Talk Talk It’s my life
Mulligan Stew with tdmulligan NEXT – we remember 3 New Orleans Masters
Junko Partner Dr John Gumbo
Jump Children Dave Bartholomew Classic NO R&B
Blue Monday Fats Domino (Dave Bartholomew) Swings
The Fat Man Fats Domino (Dave Bartholomew) Fats Domino NEXT – The Meters and The Neville Brothers
Fire on the Bayou The Meters Essential
Hey Pocky Way The Neville Brothers Hey Pocky Way
Welcome to Year 25 of Mulligan Stew
Good Vibrations The Beach Boys (Hal Blaine) Best of Coming Up – Eric Clapton Live . Sheryl. Bonnie. Mavis
be my baby The Ronettes (Hal Blain) Best of
Willie and the HandJive/Get Ready (live) Eric Clapton Crossroads 2 Live in the 70’s
Live wire Sheryl Crow. Bobbie Raitt. Mavis Staple Live Wire with TD Mulligan
King of July The Radio Grande Town and Country NEXT – The Avett Brothers. Wilson Pickett
Locked up The Avett Brothers Closer than together
Midnight Hour Wilson Pickett Hi Five
Welcome to Year 25 of Mulligan Stew with TD Mulligan
Working for the Man Barry Allen and the New Rebels Speed of Dark
Water or Gasoline Blackie and the Rodeo Kings Swinging from the chains of Love
Mulligan Stew with tdmulligan First Stew in 2020
Dedicated to the one I love The Shirelles Tonights the Night
Delusion Zara Marie Living in the Lost and Found
Soulbque G Love (with Roosevelt Collier) The Juice