Mulligan Stew May 26th 2018- Steven Page Interview

Saturday on CKUA’s Mulligan Stew Steven Page is our special guest.

How special?

Barenaked ladies had just been inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame.  The National Music Centre in Calgary  had just opened an exhibition of BNL memorabilia

Steven was working on final mixes for his next album, a UK tour and extended tour of the USA later in the year, a second musical, speaking engagements on mental health and being the current Master in Residence at NMC. Working with up and coming artists on their songwriting!

Speaking of songwriting, Steven Page is credited with writing or co-writing 97 of 113 songs for Barenaked Ladies prime studio albums while he was a member.

Steven hasn’t exactly slowed down since leaving BNL in 2009.

Last Saturday night on the Victoria Day long weekend 300 music fans showed up at the NMC theatre to hear the 6 singer/songwriters he had been mentoring.

Then I sat down with Steven to talk all things Page.

Working with new talent

How If I had a  Million Dollars became a song that now belongs to the audience

A great Billy Bragg story

His memories of the Speakers Corner song BNL recorded for a Loony that got them play on MuchMusic and a career launch.

The Yellow Cassette that sold 100,000 copies

His pride in being an Indy band.

His thoughts on being an artist … as a job

The Juno Reunion of BNL

Being a solo artist

Being arrested – “ I was acquitted”

Mental Health issues which leads into his live performance of Brian Wilson (and an amazing Brian Wilson story)

And hey..the playlist below isn’t too shabby either.  Enjoy!!

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