Mulligan Stew April 15th 2017-Joel Plaskett Interview

Happy Easter all
Because we’ve (I’ve) been talking so much due to multiple interviews…
This is the second show of almost all music..One interview at the end …

Joel Plaskett, who has released a fine album (with his Father Bill) called Solidarity.
This was one of the first albums that I got a sense that the songs were written and recorded during the turmoil of the US elections.
Was wondering what kind of effect all the vitriol had on Joel.
I found him at The Queens Hotel in Nanaimo..a floor above the stage where his Father was sound checking.
It was a fun talk. It wasn’t all politics. Also covered working with your DAD and what’s up ahead.
Great guy.

Music includes
A double shot of J Geils Band live – to honor the passing of J Geils

Talking heads, Ray Davies, Ruthie Foster with Derek Trucks, Beck, Wood Bros, Otis Redding, James Brown, Taj Mahal, Fats Domino,

  • And three Paul’s
  • Simon
  • Reddick
  • Butterfield
  • Elton and King Biscuit Boy.


Happy Easter!


Cruising for a love (live) J Geils Band Full House
Looking for a love (live) J Geils Band Full House
Tramp Otis Redding and Carla Thomas Stax Box Complete Singles
Victoria Ray Davies See my friends Coming Up on The Stew – T Heads, Wood Bros Happy Easter
and she was Talking Heads Little Creatures
Who the Devil (live) The Wood Brothers Live at The Barn
One week away from Spring Fundraiser Mulligan Stew with TDM
Bennie and The Jets (live) Elton John Greatest Hits
TDMulligan – The Stew
The Fat Man Fats Domino Box Set – The Fat Man
Big Chief (live) Professor Longhair Live in New Orleans
Hello Josephine Taj Mahal Maestro Coming UP – Three guys named PAUL Happy Easter
Graceland (live) Paul Simon Unplug
Moon and Star Paul Reddick Ride the One
Mulligan Stew with TD Mulligan NEXT – the Other Paul – Butterfield Hang in – the music is coming
In my own dream Paul Butterfield Bues Band Golden Butter
Joy comes back Ruthie Foster and Derek Trucks Joy comes back
you done tore your playhouse down King Biscuit Boy Gooduns
Mulligan Stew with TD Mulligan
Get on Up James Brown and the Famous Flames Best of
Black Tambourine Beck Guero
Coming UP – Joel Plaskett Interview Mulligan Stew with TDM Happy Easter
Joel Plaskett Interview
Blank Cheque Joel Plaskett Solidarity
Joel Plaskett Interview
The next blue sky Joel Plaskett Solidarity
Joel Plaskett Interview
solidarity Joel Plaskett Solidarity
Joel Plaskett Interview
Dragonfly Joel Plaskett Solidarity