Mulligan Stew September 13th

Music to mix with your Saturday night.

Chuck Berry
Kevin Helm
new John Hiatt
New Slow Leaves
New Dr. John
New Crooked Brothers
Old Ramones, Blasters, ZZ Top, Elvis Costello, Warren Zevon, CSN, Fats, Rory Gallagher, Seigal-Schwall, Ry Cooder, The Stones.
Last segment chat with Chin Injeti..and his new solo LP The Reverb.

Chin Injeti is a Canadian singer, musician, and music producer. He got his start as a founding member of Juno award-winning group Bass is Base. Working in many genres ranging from rock to country and most notably hip-hop, Chin is seeing major breakthroughs as a writer/producer. Recent work with DJ Khalil for top hip-hop artists Dr. Dre, 50 Cent,Drake, Clipse, Eminem. Chin’s foray into hip-hop came with great success in 2010, with Eminem’s multi-platinum album “Recovery” winning the Grammy Award for Best Rap Album. Chin shows no sign of slowing down as he works on many new projects as well as developing a number of new artists (Sophia Danai, Omar Khan, Of Giants, The New Royales) through The Hastings Set, a company he co-founded with Aidan Wright.


Fire bug.                             J D McPherson.                       signs and Signifiers
Almost gown.                      Chuck Berry.                           Is on Top.
Driving Wheel.                    Levon Helm.                            Midnight Ramble Vol 3.
Baby’s Gonna Kick.              John Hiatt.                              terms of my surrender.
Neighbourhood watch.         Slow Leaves.                          Beauty is so common.
Mack the knife.                    Dr. John                                   Ske-dat-de-dat:Spirit of Satch.
Organs on Demand.            Crooked Brothers                    Thank you I’m Sorry.
Break                                 TDM.                                         Playlist.                               
Do you remember               The Ramones.                         Their Toughest Hits
Border Radio.                      the Blasters.                            Best Of.
Heard it on The X.               ZZ Top.                                   ZZ Top:  Six Pack.
Radio  Radio                       elvis Costello                           Return of spectac spinning                             
Mohammed’s Radio.            Warren Zevon.                      Warren Zevon.
The sound that love makes  Sarah McLachlan.                 Shine on.
Our house.                         Crosby Stills & Nash                CSN 2012
Blue Monday.                     Fats Domino.                           Best of.
Grazin in the grass.            Hugh Masekela.                      Best of.
Break. Hour Two.     
Messing with the kid.         Rory Gallagher.                        Live in Europe
Bring it with you when you come  Siegel-Schwall              best of
Going to Brownsville.         Ry Cooder.                              Ry Cooder.
Beast of Burden.               The Rolling Stones.                  Rarities.

         For once in my life.            Stevie Wonder.                            HitsVille Boxed Set.

         Cant take that away from me.   Molly Johnson.                     Because of Billy.
         Chin Injeti   Interview
         Black skeletons.                  Chin Injeti.                                  The Reverb
       Chin Injeti interview
       Lonely.                              the Boom Booms.                          Hot Rum.
       The first night.                   Danny Michel & the Beneque Players.  Black birds are Dancing over me.     
       crazy little thing.                 Mike Buble                                    Michael Buble.
       Where’s  Mantis Evar.          Monkey House                            Just Passing Through. Vol 2.