Mike Plume

EP 122 | Mike Plume and Tom Seaver


A rare double Guest Podcast!

We had always planned to showcase Mike Plume and his latest album Lonesome Stretch of Highway.

Mike has two dates coming up  Monday/Tuesday, Sept 7&8 at The Ironwood in Calgary.

We include four tracks from the album. His 10 years in Nashville show up in the songs. Solid work all around.

Then this week one of the greatest clutch pitchers to ever play baseball Tom Seaver died after a long battle with Alzheimer’s.

I had interviewed Tom by phone at his vineyard on top of  Diamond Mt. Calistoga at 7am Feb 18 2013.

(He started his days early)

I loved the conversation. A mix of baseball moments/memories and watching over his vineyards every day.

Tom was a storyteller..have a listen, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Enjoy Mike and please remember Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver.

Thank you


Mulligan Stew June 6th 2020-Black lives, D-day, Mike Plume


Hello all

It’s been a 10-day span that has seen murder,  hatred, battles, riots, confrontation, and just now a possibility of hope and healing.

How does a 2-hour music weekly show help with healing and understanding?

I can’t really answer that but I can tell you that from the feedback I get, you are listening and you are finding comfort in what we do.

Good enough for me.



With Black Lives Matter front and center, I found myself playing old and new songs I’ve played and been inspired by…

Louisiana 1927 – Aaron Neville

Stand Up – Cynthia Erivo

False Prophet – Bob Dylan

Red Right Hand – Nick Cave


Brown Baby – Nina Simone

We remember June 6, 1944

D-Day – The Beaches of Normandy

The changing of World history in several days.

14,00 Canadian troops

10,000 sailors

15 RCAF Squadrons

And two songs from that day by artists who  are still in play

I’ll be seeing you – Eric Clapton

Over the Rainbow – IZ

Our Special Guest interview is with

Mike Plume and his fine new album Lonesome stretch of Highway



Mulligan Stew June 6 2020
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Mike Plume Interview Lonesome stretch of highway
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