Many A Mile

EP 232 | Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo)


Jim Cuddy joins us at the top of the second hour.


That’s today 6 PM Mtn.

 Just about then Blue Rodeo will be backstage at the  Northern Alberta Jube prepping for the second of two nights on that stage.  There’s a nervous energy, that’s to be expected. While that never really goes away, remember that this is Blue Rodeo.  Been touring since 1984.  16 or more studio albums, four live. A truckload of awards. So, backstage there’s a lot of laughs, storytelling, small acoustic jams, great food and wines, friends and family.

Blue Rodeo bring with them their latest album Many a Mile.

As always,  Jim brings with him great  stories

From the studio

From lockdown

From ”the road”

And from inside the band.

From their latest album Many a Mile, Jim says he and Greg Keelor have different views of the road.

Jim’s is I think about you. The Yin and Yang about leaving home to make music.

In Opening Act Greg writes about his love/hate relationship of the road.

And it all works.

 That’s the very dynamic that keeps this band active and totally interesting.