Jim Cuddy

EP 165 | Greg Keelor-Jim Cuddy Mashup


It’s not often that we double back on a previous interview.

There has to be something interesting that makes them candidates.

What we have here are two separate interviews with the co-founders of Hall of Fame/Juno winning band  Blue Rodeo, plus Greg Keelor and Jim Cuddy both have solo careers on the go.

I talked to Greg in March and Jim 3 weeks ago.

I decided to cut the two interviews together to see how the responses and stories matched.

Have a listen. It’s an interesting mashup.

Blue Rodeo plays the Calgary Stampede Saturday, July 17

And The Jim Cuddy Band play the Calgary Folk Festival Summer Serenades on Prince’s Island Park Friday, July 23

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July 18th, 2021- Remembering pioneer George Heiss, Paired releases from Cedar Creek, Jim Cuddy talks Wines!



George Heiss – Gray Monk Estate Winery (Co-founder. Winemaker/Lake Country)

George and Trudy. It was always George and Trudy Heiss.


He was a really good hairdresser. She was a model. They met,  fell in love, planned a family, and headed for the Okanagan to become winery owners and winemakers.

There were only 6 other wineries in BC then. They were the 7th.

Gray Monk became one of the true iconic vineyards in Canada.

Gray Monk


Their flagship wines were Pinot Auxerrois, Kerner, Pinot Gris and Gew!

The very favourite blend was Latitude 50 – Bacchus and Riesling.

What I liked most about George and Trudy was their sense of humour and  their very affordable prices.

“We’ve paid for our land,  so we decided to thank the customers by keeping the prices as low as possible”

We all lost a true pioneer June 29 when George died. He was 81.

Our sincere thoughts and love go out to Trudy and  to his family.

I found this interview I did with George and Trudy from 2012. They were celebrating their 30-40-50 tour.

30 years since they opened,  40 years since they first planted vines and 50 years since they met & married.

The legend – George Heiss!!


Taylor Whelan – Winemaker – Cedar Creek (Lakeshore. East Kelowna)

Executive Chef Neil Taylor – Home Block – Cedar Creek

Taylor Whelan Cedar Creek

Under normal circumstances, presenting new releases from Cedar Creek might seem routine.

However, when you combine the quick mind of Chef Neil Taylor  (Home Block) and the passion of winemaker Taylor Whelan, those wines are anything but routine.

Chef Neil Taylor

We’re tasting…

2019 Riesling (brilliant minerality, lemon/lime, petrol, apple)

2020  Sauvignon Blanc (pear, granny smith, citrus, lemon, cats pee)

2020 Pinot Noir Rose (strawberry, lime, tangerine, plum)

2019  Pinot Noir (cherry, strawberry, oak, cedar, minerality, and smoke)


And Chef is pairing in order…

Beets and Borani. Walnuts, goats cheese, dill, and fennel.

Burrata 6 Shishido’s, Prosciutto, pesto focaccia.

Spring salmon, clams and bacon,  charcuterie

Thinly slice cold roast pork loin, tuna mayonnaise, capers, and rocket (Arugula)




Jim Cuddy – Blue Rodeo. Jim Cuddy Band   –   Cuddy Wine by Tawse, Niagara

Jim Cuddy at Tawse


He is one of the very biggest stars in Canada’s music world.

I’m not talking about the World World – The Drakes, Biebers,  Weekend, Shawn Mendes, etc

I’m talking about CANADA’S music. Our music. For our country. If others get it – bonus.

Think The Hip, Feist, Colin James. Blackie and the Rodeo Kings. Alan Doyle etc.

Blue Rodeo is such a band. They can tour coast to coast, head south into the USA, and be welcomed.

Jim Cuddy is the co-founder and co-writer/co-singer of Blue Rodeo.

And then there’s his own solo career featuring The Jim Cuddy Band.

One of his other talents is – wine. The man knows his wines. The bus heading home from a tour across Canada is much heavier than when it left. It’s loaded with Canadian and World wines.

When not on the road, Jim spends time at the highly regarded vineyards at  Tawse Winery in Niagara.

The Cuddy by Tawse,  created by winemaker Paul Pender are

2016 Chardonnay

2018  Cab Merlot (Cab Franc, Cab Sauvignon, Merlot)

2016 Spark Traditional  Method Sparkling Riesling


Despite years of heckling, I’ve never TASTED his wines. But Tawse doesn’t fool around with interlopers.

So, when we do get together to talk music..right after the music chat is finished, we wait 2-3 seconds. Then the wine conversation begins.

Here’s the latest chat.


Blue Rodeo play The Calgary Stampede – Saturday, July 17


The Jim Cuddy Band returns to Calgary’s Prince’s Island Park to headline the Folk Festival Summer Serenade on July 23






The  return to Unsworth  (Cowichan)

The Okanagan  Re-Connect  (Okanagan Valley)

Summer Spirits with Davin de Kergommeaux

Jeff Downie – The Old Firehall mixologist




EP 164 | Jim Cuddy-Good News


Jim Cuddy was standing at the door of his Toronto house waiting for the cab that would take him to Saskatchewan and the 2020 Junos when the phone rang and he discovered it was canceled because of Covid.

Instead, he headed to his small country home and started writing. Then slowly gathered his Jim Cuddy Band – one at a time – and created tracks for his next solo album.  His Blue Rodeo partner Greg Keeler then called and got things rolling on a new Blue Rodeo album. Greg would send his songs to Jim and the band. They would replace or add instruments, vocals, etc and send back. Greg did the same for Jim. Normally they’re all in the same room when they record. Jim says – you can’t tell the difference. “It was remarkable”

When I asked about Canada Day and the conflicting thoughts on that day about residential schools, indigenous rights, and other cultures,  Jim gave a beautiful honest response.

Jim says the new Blue Rodeo album has a “zip in it’s step”(January) Greg wrote lots of tunes. Lots of energy.

And what Jim really liked was having the time to sculpt his songs.  They felt more clearly defined. “No throw-away lyrics”

And yes he admits to changing.

And having time to watch the seasons change was wonderful – “I had to stop leaning forward and relax.”

Blue Rodeo plays the Calgary Stampede on July 18

Jim Cuddy Band plays the Calgary Folk Festival – Summer Serenades – on Prince’s Island Park on July 23rd.

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Mulligan Stew July10th 2021 – Mavis Staples Birthday and Special Guest Jim Cuddy


July 10th is  Mavis Staples Birthday –  We’re going to celebrate the fact that Mavis is well, inspiring another generation of fans and singing her heart out.

Mick Fleetwood and friends celebrate the genius of Peter Green. We’re featuring Oh Well One & Two with Steven Tyler, Billy Gibbons, and David Gilmore.

New music from Amy Helm, Joni  Mitchell celebrates year 50 of her album Blue with a demo of Urge for Going  with strings, Jackson Browne and David Lindley Live in Spain with Glenn Frey’s Take it Easy


Jim Cuddy returns to Alberta

July 18 with Blue Rodeo – at The Stampede

July 23 at Prince’s Island Park for Summer Sessions

He has a new acoustic single Good News.

We’ll talk about how he managed lockdown and how that solitude shaped the songs for the next Blue Rodeo album and his next solo release.

The complete interview can be heard on the MulliganStew Podcast. (right after The Stew on CKUA)


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Mulligan Stew – Special Guest Jim Cuddy www.mulliganstew.ca
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Oh Well Part Two (live) Mick Fleetwood and Friends. David Gilmore M Fleetwood and friends celebrate Peter Green
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Renegade Heart Amy Helm What the flood leaves behind
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Good News (acoustic) Jim Cuddy single


EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day


Hello all.

I hope you are safe and well and happy.

Welcome to The Mulligan Stew Podcast. We’re over 100 shows now…

OK. Its Fathers Day weekend.

It’s also Summer Solstice

I always hear a phrase…. “I’m in the family business”

Now, that works if your family are Store Owners, or Office Workers, Doctors. Nurses. Teachers. Farmers etc.

We have two guests today who are friends and fathers.

Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band.

Barney Bentall. Leader of Cariboo Express. High Bar Gang. BYU and his own solo career.


How has the family dynamic changed when their sons and daughters follow them in the music business.

Share the stage. Maybe even write songs together. (maybe being the keyword)

And how do family members like being the subject of songs they hear on the radio?

I was excited to get these two pals together and exchange life experiences.

We connected on Zoom and you can find the complete conversation below:

Mulligan Stew June 20th 2020- Fathers day-Guests Barney Bentall and Jim Cuddy!



Saturday is June 20th, 2020

It’s a very special weekend.

First, it’s National Indigenous Peoples Day.

It’s also Summer Solstice

Its Fathers Day


It’s National “have you seen my keys” Day

To celebrate Father’s Day, I’ve asked two music dads to guest.

Barney Bentall, who has a son Dustin and daughter Jess in the music business. Both are working on expanding careers.

Jim Cuddy has two sons Devin and Sam well on their way to careers in our music business.

Jim and Barn are pals and we trade stories of trying to help your kids without being seen as helping.

The possibility of songwriting with your family. (Tricky)

Performing with kids.

And how families react to being the subject of songs.

There’s a lot to like here.

The complete conversation can be heard by subscribing to MulliganStew Podcast (Spotify. Google play. Apple podcasts)

Or go to my podcast for the Zoom video and Audio:

EP 112 | Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall on Fathers Day

We also have a last 30-minute jazz feature to celebrate the online events this weekend of the Edmonton Jazz Festival.

We welcome Kent Sangster – Artistic Director and Producer

Andrew Glover and play you some tracks.

Bob Dylan’s 39th album Rough and Rowdy Ways comes out Friday.

I have the true pleasure of playing an epic song – Murder Most Foul. Its 16:57 of heartfelt history based on the Kennedy Assassination.

It appears Bob has given the World another musical turning point.

Also played False Prophet..a truly great blues classic.

Got some Little Feat Live..Santana…Kinks..kd lang, and Black Pumas

Oh..next week our guest is Corb Lund and his just-released album Agricultural Tragic

And in two weeks Eric Burton, songwriter and lead singer of Black Pumas.


Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan June 20 2020
Welcome to The Stew with TDMulligan Special Fathers Day Guests Jim Cuddy and Barney Bentall www.mulliganstew.ca
False prophet Bob Dylan rough and rowdy ways
black moon rising black pumas black pumas
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Day or Night (live) Little Feat Waiting for Columbus
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August 31st, 2019 – Jim Cuddy doesn’t like Rosé !  Plus Moon Curser and Mayhem!


Jim Cuddy doesn’t like Rosé !  Plus Moon Curser and Mayhem!




Jim Cuddy – Cuddy Wines by Tawse

Jim Cuddy at Tawse

Jim Cuddy does not like Rosé !

But he basically likes everything else.

As you know, Jim is the co-writer and co-singer with Blue Rodeo, The leader of the Jim Cuddy Band and recipient of The Order of Canada.

When he decided to put his name on a wine bottle he was smart enough to partner with one of the very best names in Canadian wine. Tawse.

They’ve release a Chardonnay, Cab/Merlot and Sparkling Riesling. No Rosé .

We talk about that and other wines. AND we also talk to his winemaker Paul Pender.

Paul Pender – Tawse Winemaker

I’m working on the Rosé  thing. He needs to taste some of the incredible BC Rosés!




Chris Tolley – Co-Owner/Co-Winemaker Wines.

Chris Tolley Moon Curser


Moon Curser won the 2019 Wine Align Best Small performing Winery in Canada.

Moon Curser – Best Small Winery in Canada

At the end of the competition, the winery walked away with several medals led by a Platinum for its remarkable ode to the Douro Valley, the 2017 Touriga Nacional. They followed that up with six gold medals for a 2015 Tannat, think Uruguay; 2018 Dolcetto, that’s Italy; a 2017 Malbec, that’s Argentina; a 2017 Tempranillo, a nod to Spain; a 2017 Petit Verdot a classic from Bordeaux; and one final gold for a 2017 Dead of Night, a blend of Syrah and Tannat.

Well, you get the picture, this is one very different producer, and in many ways, a poster child for what we always hoped would be the kind of innovative, family estate winery that would grab the title of the Best Performing Small Winery in Canada. All that is left for you to do is try the wine and eventually visit the winery to experience what the Tolleys did when they first got into the business, something new and intriguing and most of all different.

Anthony Gismondi – Co-Head Judge

Moon Curser’s Medal Winning Wines


Moon Curser 2017 Touriga Nacional, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia


Moon Curser 2015 Tannat, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moon Curser 2018 Dolcetto, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moon Curser 2017 Malbec, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moon Curser 2017 Dead of Night, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moon Curser 2017 Tempranillo, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moon Curser 2017 Petit Verdot, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia


Moon Curser 2017 Carmenere, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moon Curser 2018 Arneis, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia


Moon Curser 2017 Syrah, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

Moon Curser 2018 Afraid of the Dark, Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

In 2006 they opened the doors to Moon Cursor..except, at the time it was called Twisted Tree.

Rebranding brought the name Moon Cursor.

The location has always been the same..very close to being the last winery in BC..right at the USA  border.

I had already done an interview with Chris when the awards were handed out..so here’s the update from Chris and the whole interview before they won the award.

Congratulations to Chris and Beata Tolley

Moon Cursor Wines



Terry Lynn Stone – Co-Partner Mayhem Wines

Mayhem Wines is a fun collaboration between two established wine industry siblings – Terry Meyer Stone of Anarchist Mountain Vineyards and her brother JAK Meyer of Meyer Family Vineyards, along with their respective spouses Andrew Stone and Janice Stevens.

Mayhem Wines

The portfolio consists of aromatic whites  and Bordeaux reds. They source their  grapes from the Meyer Family  home vineyards and established growers of the Okanagan, with an eye for detail in the vineyard and producing quality grapes in a sustainable manner.

Team Mayhem

The Hut at Meyer Family Vineyards

Join Mayhem every Friday & Saturday, 11-4 PM for the Summer of 2019, at their  pop up tasting area at Meyer Family Vineyards.

Be sure to leave yourself extra time for this stop in your wine touring day as you have the opportunity to taste through not only the Mayhem portfolio, but also that of Meyer Family Vineyards. With a smashing  garden, relaxing patio and lawn games, you may just want to stay a while and sip away the afternoon!

Terry Lynn looks  forward to hosting you at 4287 McLean Creek RoadOkanagan Falls,  this summer and during Harvest!




2019 Pinot Noir Celebration

2019 Garagiste North

Field Blend Special

Fort Berens

The Passion Pit at Orofino Wines

The Cowichan Valley Wine festival




Ep 62 | Jim Cuddy Podcast


Jun 28, 2019

Jim Cuddy has just released his 5th solo album, Countrywide Soul. The record was recorded in just 3 days in the barn at his farm in Southern Ontario. The record features re-recordings of songs he wrote for Blue Rodeo and The Jim Cuddy Band. Terry and Jim walk through a few of the songs on the record, and discuss collaborations with Doug Paisley, Kathleen Edwards, Oh Susanna, and more.

Mulligan Stew January 27th 2018- Jesse Roper and Jim Cuddy Interviews



Hours after this show had been recorded and sent, I found out that my friend Tommy Banks had died.

Musician, mentor, humanitarian, Senator and one of the best people I had ever met,  Tommy Banks is very much woven into the fabric that is Canada.

The kind of person who will always be remembered by anyone who met or even knew him.

He brought light to our lives and that light has dimmed but not gone out.

He’s left music and memories.

He should be honored at this year’s Junos in Vancouver and frankly, I would suggest a permanent award in his honor.

Whatever that park is named adjacent to CKUA Radio on Jasper Ave in Edmonton should be renamed, Tommy Banks Park.

Goodbye Tommy …

Mulligan Stew

8:00-10 PM

It feels like Jesse Roper is just beginning what could be a fabulous career in music. He’s just released this third album called Access to Infinity which is released Friday, Feb 2. He’s more than paid his dues. Playing stages big and small getting his name and his songs out there.

Jesse is a really good songwriter, vocalist, and performer but man can he play guitar.

We talk about his influences and I hear Jimi and Carlos Santana in his playing.  Thankfully he agreed.

His third album is called Access to Infinity.  I can’t wait to play certain tracks after “the embargo” is lifted.

Jesse’s touring with Big Wreck and the dates are below.

Jim Cuddy RAW interview Jim Cuddy Constellation RAW Jan 2018

Jim Cuddy, co-founder, and co-leader of Blue Rodeo has released his fourth solo album “Constellation”  Friday under the name of The Jim Cuddy Band.

Jim and I work our way through several of the songs he wrote and he mentions there’s a balance in the album between loss and love.

It takes a true songwriter to find that balance. As Jim says “I wanted to waste not one word on this album.”

We talk about the koss of Gord Downey.  The battle John Mann is waging.  The title track called “Constellations” (with an s) is about yet another friend battling Cancer and what his loss meant.


Jim also lights right up when I mention his upcoming 33 date tour.

“33 doesn’t sound right. It should be 35”

He wants to create a tour like Motown used to do. Various artists all sharing microphones and supporting each other.


That would make Jim Marvin Gaye and Barney Bentall Tammi Terrell.

The full line up is The Jim Cuddy Band.  Wicked Good.

Then Barney Bentall and his new album.

Jim’s sons Sam and Devin.

This is going to be a memorable tour. One musical generation handing the flame to the next!!

Tour dates below  Jesse First and Jim Cuddy



February 20, 2018 Bo’s Bar and Grill Red Deer, AB
February 22, 2018 Better Than Fred’s Grand Prairie, AB
February 23, 2018 Eagle River Casino Whitecourt, AB
February 24, 2018 The Starlite Edmonton, AB
February 25, 2018 The Starlite Edmonton, AB
February 27, 2018 Vanier Hall Prince George, BC
March 1, 2018 The Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC
March 2, 2018 The Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, BC
March 3, 2018 Capital Ballroom Victoria, BC
March 5, 2018 Kelowna Community Theatre Kelowna, BC


                                                                                Feb 22  Vogue  Vancouver

                                                                                  Feb 23  McPherson Victoria

                                                                                Feb 28  Jube  Edmonton

                                                                                March 1  Jube Calgary

                                                                                March 2  Harvey  Banff

                                                                                March 4  Esplanade  Medicine Hat


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Jim Cuddy Interview with tdm RAW interview www.mulliganstew.ca
Lonely when you leave The Jim Cuddy Band Constellation
Thank you for listening

October 8th 2016- The Cuddy


Tasting Room Radio Post Banner B


Canadian Winery of the year  Tawse teams with Jim Cuddy  from Blue Rodeo for The Cuddy..Guests include Moray Tawse, Colin Cripps and Jim Cuddy.

Chef Meets Truck..Vancouver’s star chefs take to the street trucks..and raise funds for Chefs Table Society.

Guests include Scott Jaeger, Eric Heck, Phil Scarfone!   


On September 13, the Chefs’ Table Society of BC, in partnership with the Yaletown BIA and the Streetfood Vancouver Society host the inaugural event Chef Meets Truck in Yaletown at the intersection of Hamilton and Nelson. The event will run from 6:30pm-9:30pm and consists of Vancouver restaurant chefs hopping on board local Food Trucks to serve up the foodie event of the season. This collaborative event brings Vancouver’s hottest restaurant and food truck chefs together for the first time ever.




On Sept 13th, the Chefs’ Table society in partnership with Yaletown BIA and the Streetfood  Vancouver Society hosted the first ever Chef Meets Truck in Yaletown.

The trucks tucked into a great small side street at Nelson and Hamilton.

It was a coming together of Vancouver’s top restaurant chefs and  the best food truck chefs – for the first time ever.

This has the legs to become a great annual event.

As gear was being unloaded and set,  up I cornered the first arrivals and got lucky..


Our guests include:

Scott Jaeger  – The Pear Tree Restaurant and President of the Chefs Table Society. Working with Kevin Reimer Exec Chef Roaming Dragon.

(assisting was Gus Brandson – Culinary Mercenary and former sous chef at Pear Tree) www.peartreerestaurant.net / www.roamingdragon.com/

Erik Heck –  Exec Chef at Wild Tale and The Flying Pig paired with Steve Kuan from Torafuku/Le Tigre  www.wildtale.ca    /   http://torafuku.ca/

Phil Scarfone – Chef at Nightingale who teamed with Chef Dom Morra at Via Tevere Pizzaria  https://hawknightingale.com/  viateverepizzeria.com

Chefs’ Table Society  https://chefstablesociety.com

Let’s get truckin’


Moray Tawse, Jim Cuddy, Colin Cripps –  The Cuddy from Tawse


Three friends combine their talents to make a new wine label in Niagara – The Cuddy!!



I’ve long known  that Jim Cuddy (Blue Rodeo & The Jim Cuddy band) will talk wine at the drop of a hat. He’s been a welcome guest on Tasting Room Radio many times.

He has a great cellar at home in Toronto and when he’s on the road,  between shows he goes shopping for wines – especially in Alberta – and loads up the luggage space with selected releases and rare wines.

During the year you can find him playing one-off gigs at wineries all over the country.


Jim is the guy responsible for the amazing talent that graces the stages of The Canadian Culinary Championships. The Gold medal Plates.

He’s then invited to join the organizers for journeys to South Africa, Italy, France, Spain. So you can see he’s truly a “wine guy”

So given the opportunity to create wines with his name on the label who better to partner with than perennial  Winery of the Year Winner Moray Tawse at Tawse, Niagara.

The third member of the winemaking/blending team was guitarist Colin Cripps (Blue Rodeo). The Crippler really knows his wines and especially his blends.


They gathered at Tawse and went over tasting notes on the Chardonnay and then had what Jim called “ a chemistry lesson” when blending the red.


They made a 1000 cases of each and they’ve been released to welcoming reviews.



And how do we in the West get our hands on The Cuddy by Tawse?  Moray explains in segment 3 of this week’s show.






Colin Mochrie – Funny foods

David Patterson – Tantalus

Jane Ferrari – Yalumba Storyteller

Peter Gambetta – Yalumba Winemaker

Moosemeat and Marmalade  – talking to The Chefs