Barry Allen

MulliganStew April 11th 2020-We say hello to The Beatles and Goodbye to Barry Allen, Bill Withers and John Prine




The first 6 words of a classic Lennon/McCartney composition called Hello Goodbye.

The NEXT Saturday 5PM #SingforSpring Song.

Province-wide, we sing a “Thank You” to all the health care workers, first responders, drivers, shopkeepers, essential services and more.

Step outside (sunny -2) open a window, step out onto the balcony, hit the front or back porch..roll down the car window.  If you can turn on the phone video.  Sing for all those heroes out there and post your video to

#singforspring.  On Instagram or Facebook

Thank you ALL


Our guest this week is one of our own..Rockin’ Roy Forbes. Host of  Roy’s Record Room.

He’s celebrating the 14th year of “The Room” on CKUA and he’s just launched his latest and greatest album Edge of Blue.  (The complete interview can be found at on Our Podcast)


NOTE:  This show was recorded on Tuesday because of the short week. I was more than halfway through the show when I discovered that John Prine had died.

I decided to just keep on going and let the Stew play out in real-time.

If it sounds like I got a tad choked up at times…I did. Like many, John and I shared a lot of years, a lot of songs together.


I decided to play a farewell song to John..and the natural choice was the last track on The Tree of Forgiveness.  When I get to Heaven is the song.

Some of the artists we’ve surrounded John with are

A new song from Mavis

Two from Colin James

Lyle Lovett

Two artists we lost this week.  Bill Withers and  a long time friend..who I loved dearly

Barry Allen

Barry Allen.


Roxy Music-Supertramp-John Hiatt-Patti Smith-Linda Ronstadt and The Stew ends with over 12 minutes of the classic Boz Scaggs track Loan me A Dime. With the Muscle Shoals stars and Duane Allman on guitar.


Bill Withers

The playlist is below…

Please remember


You are not alone

CKUA Spring Fundraiser is launched…

Be Safe

Be Kind




Mulligan Stew April 11 2020 #SingforSpring
Hello Goodbye The Beatles One
Lean on Me Bill Withers Still Bill
Tumbling Dice Linda Ronstadt Simple Dreams
She’s no lady Lyle Lovett Pontiac #SingforSpring
All in it together Mavis Staples Single Guest – Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer John Lee Hooker The real folk bluies
Riding in the Moonlight.Mr Luck Colin James Blue Highways
Happy Birthday Rob Derkitt From his family
Honky Tonk Part 2 Bill Doggett best of
Special Guest – Rockin Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
This is The Stew with TDMulligan Year 25
If you need me Barry Allen Speed of Dark
Into the mystic Colin James Take it from the top
Hello in There John Prine John Prine
with a little help the Beatles Sgt Pepper
Love is the drug Roxy Music best of NEXT – Roy Forbes brings Edge of Blue
Bloody well Right Supertramp Crime of the Century
Complete Roy interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Roy Forbes Interview Edge of Blue
Don’t let go Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
Lydia Ann Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
rumble strip Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Roy Forbes Interview
Complete interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast
more than a little bit blue Roy Forbes Edge of Blue
Congrats Roy on 14 years of The Room edge of Blue and Roys Record Room
John Prine Oct 10 1946 – April 7 2020 Say goodbye to The Mailman
when i get to Heaven John Prine The tree of Forgivness
Goodbye John Prine We loved you
have a little faith John Hiatt Best of
Because the night Patti Smith Easter
Have a wonderful weekend . Easter. Please be safe and Be Kind
Loan me a Dime Boz Scaggs Boz Scaggs