EP 297 | Grant Lawrence-His tour is ‘Stories and Songs Live’


Grant Lawrence (The Smugglers, CBC Podcast, multiple best-selling books) is on the road with his Stories and Song Live.

Grant and Joel Plaskett, Ashleigh Ball, played Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney by the Sea north of Victoria Thursday night.

Friday on Galiano Island and Saturday in Maple  Ridge with his love  Jill Barber added.


We met at The Five and Dime Diner across from the venue and talked for 20 or so minutes about EVERYTHING.

He told the story of two teens,  Grant and Nardwuar knocking on my front door Halloween night to ask questions about their favourite bands. I did the best I could and sent them along with extra promo records. Grant still has his.

 We’ve been friends for 36 years. That’s the kind of podcast this will be.  Corey Woods (Associate Producer) shot it on video as well..so it’s also on terrydavidmulligan YouTube channel.