February 3rd, 2024 Making great whisky is serious business!

This Years Winner. Last years winner. Plus Whitehorse and Edinburgh



Making great whisky is serious business.

Whisky takes time. You can create it and leave it in barrel “while your kids grow up and head off to college” kind of time.

For example Paradigm Spirits -The Heritage Collection –  Whisky of the Year in Canada spent 19  years in barrel. Then along came friends and partners Michelle deBus and Irma Joeveer who were just beginning their whisky journey. They purchased the filled barrels to start Paradigm.

Then blended in some Oloroso Sherry and found a stunning balance between the corn whisky and sherry.

Davin de Kergommeaux Canada’s Whisky authority and founder of the Canadian Whisky Awards describes The Heritage as having

“sublime complexity and elegance with fresh fruity top notes”


This is a really nice story of people who dreamt a dream of making whisky and how it all lead to being named Whiskey of the Year in Canada. Besting 200 other whiskeys.

Our guests are Irma Joeveer and Michelle Debus




Bob Baxter – Two Brewers Whisky.  Whitehorse, Yukon

 At the Canadian Whisky Awards,  Two Brewers put on a show.

Two Brewers

Won Single Malt Whisky of the Year – Release 41

Won 3 Gold – Releases 41/36/37

Won 2 Silver  Yukon Single Malt Whisky  38 and 39


Bob has been on Tasting Room before and I was delighted to catch up with him again.

Bob Baxter – Yukon Brewing Spiked Seltzer

I like this man and his whisky.  They keep winning a number of awards in Canada and the World.  His attitude is…. we appreciate it but we have whisky to craft and that’s way more important. They’re brewers first and bring those smarts to their spirits. They also use some of the craft beer grains in their whisky making.

Bob is joined by his daughter Corey. She’s with the marketing department.

His son has joined the whisky makers.  It’s truly a family thing.




Rob Carpenter –  co-founder /  Calum Rae – Distillery Manager

Holyrood Distillery Edinburgh  (Old Town)

October 2023 Holyrood launches their 1st whisky Arrival. It’s one of the first single malt whiskies produced in Edinburgh in over 100 years.

Working in the cellar with Butts-Hogs Heads-Bourbon Barrels and Rum Barriques.

Playing with flavours eg: Heritage Barleys-Special Malts-Yeast Strains

Have a listen about their latest release on World Whisky Day 2023.  Lovingly called Mezcal Moonshine.



James Lester – co-founder of Sons of Vancouver

Last years Canadian Whisky of the Year

Palm Trees and  a Tropical Breeze came from Sons of Vancouver Distilling.

They sent their whisky but stayed home. There was no way they would be named Whisky of the Year.

Well, a year later everything’s changed. For them and I think for Canadian Whisky. How they taste and how they’re marketed.

This year they won Gold with

Summer Road Trip Across the Midwest

Palm Trees and a Tropical Breeze

Desert Grass and Blue Agave


Won Silver with

Raiding Nona’s Liquor Cabinet


Love this company and their vision.  Making whisky and marketing it in a whole new way.

Changing the next generation of spirit makers.  Teaching their methods to those who want to sign up for classes.

Heads up – They sell out quickly!!  James explains the very best way to get your hands on their “expressions” before they’re gone.

James leaves us with a couple of teases of what’s coming up this year.




Congratulations also to Stillhead Distilling in Duncan. Winner of multiple Golds and 4 Bronze.  We’ll go find them for an interview asap.






A conversation about Alberta

And BC Wines.


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