EP 282 | The Trans Canada Highwaymen

It’s like having The Beatles on Saturday’s Mulligan Stew. But you can only have two. Do you want Ringo and Paul or George and John?
Saturday our guests are Steven Page (BNL & Steven Page Trio) and Chris Murphy (Sloan).
The other members of TCH are Moe Berg (Pursuit of Happiness) and Craig Northey (odds and SP Trio)
Each leads his own group but they got together to sing covers of each other’s music. Then the K-Tel idea came along. For younger music fans  – K-Tel albums were Canadian hits crammed into 8 tracks,  cassettes and albums. With garish labels that you couldn’t miss in your local store or gasoline station.  Great hits – horrid packaging. Which is why the guys covered the best hits and copied the artwork. Steven makes the point that they loved these hits because they were Canadian.  They were ours. Our American friends had never heard these songs but to us, they were Northern memories.
They each take turns singing the lead vocal and back each other up.
Covering hits by The Guess Who, Joni Mitchell, Paul Anka, April Wine, Bim (Roy Forbes), Lighthouse, Poppy Family etc.