Mulligan Stew Feb 25th 2023-Special Guest David Landreth

There’s really no such thing as an overnight success!

Dreams can be experienced but it takes the work of time to find the crossroads between dreams and reality.

The Bros. Landreth dreamt of making music, just like their Dad Wally in Winnipeg.

Wally wanted that too because he kept spinning vinyl at home,  like a music teacher. But no schlock..only the good stuff.

Little Feat, The Eagles, Neil Young, CS&Nash, and Bonnie Raitt.

Years later the Brothers are playing at the Winnipeg Folk Festival when they were approached by the headliner – none other than Bonnie Raitt.

She asked if they would send her songs to record because they reminded her of her friend Lowell George from Little Feat.

David and Joey Landreth wrote and rejected many songs. They felt they weren’t up to Bonnie’s standards but eventually – again years later – they sent a song they had recorded Made up mind.

Just so happens it’s the same song Bonnie heard them play and she said – that’s the song.

Two years later the boys hear from friends in Nashville that Bonnie is recording that song and then she makes it the first single off of Just Like That.

Both album and song go on to win Grammys this year and The Bros. Landreth has become “a thing”.

Here’s a discussion with David Landreth about those Grammy moments and the rest of the story.  Well done boys.

Congrats Wally!!

What a win for Bonnie and great music.

New music from Michael Kaeshammer, Andy Fairweather Low, Eilen Jewell, Marcus Mumford

Also – Harry Nilsson, Dave, and Phil Alvin, The Blasters, Dionne Taylor, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Sarah McLachlan

And a moment in time when Bob Dylan stood in front of a stage as an 18 years old and watched a 22-year-old Buddy Holly perform his last show. (Plane crash three days later)

As Bob tells it, Buddy was also watching him and when Bob later wrote and recorded  the LP Time out of Mind  he felt “Buddy was in the process with me”

So we’ll play them back to back to back and see what transpires.




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