EP 202 | Duke Robillard


Duke Robillard.
He’s blues royalty. Name and all.
With his 37th album, They called it Rhythm and Blues on Stony Plain Records he’s come full circle back to where his heart lives.
Jump Blues.

It’s the uplifting jazz, blues, And gospel music that got people through the end of WW2 and handed off to Bill Haley, Elvis, and the Rock era in the mid-50s.
77 years later it’s truly needed for the end of a devastating pandemic.
People need spirits lifted and music that can be part of the healing.
And here comes The Duke Robillard Band breathing life into Jump Blues 2022.
Duke is a storyteller.

Have a listen. Great tracks from the album included.
Watch for Duke on tour.
Check out the video  on our YouTube Channel (TerryDavidMulligan)
Let’s Jump.