EP 162 | Leeroy Stagger-Dystopian Weekends 

Hello all:

As I explained when this show first ran in June – I jumped the gun BY MONTHS.

This Summer, I was so eager to let music fans hear Leeroy’s interview and new music, I completely forgot about the release date in October!!!

A senior moment to be sure.

It was supposed to come out in December 2020 which is why there are several Christmas songs included.

Here’s a comment from Amplify Music magazine:

 Despite a delayed release date, cancelled tours and a few more COVID-induced bumps along the way, Leeroy Stagger’s 12th full-length album Dystopian Weekends is available now on all digital streaming platforms. To celebrate the release of the album, Leeroy will perform 2 Dystopian Weekends livestream shows on November 6th and 7th through Side Door Access. Get more information and tickets here.

“Touring is so up in the air right now,” says Leeroy. “I had a burning desire to play these songs with a band, and my bandmates Tyson and Ryland happened to be in town for a few days so we got everyone together, including Nick on the drums and a few new friends to play the Dystopian Weekends material. I think the fans will enjoy it.”

Dystopian Weekends contains songs of environmental degradation, greedy land developers, Christmas songs about junkies and alcoholics, songs about race wars in America, modern day dust bowl songs of fleeing political ideology, break-up songs, and songs honouring dead friends. It all seems a bit much on paper, but Leeroy’s skillful song writing and musicianship have honoured it all in a very beautiful, relevant, and artistic way.