Mulligan Stew Aug 14th 2021-Stew mid-August in a very strange 2021

It’s the Stew mid-August in a very strange 2021.

Some of these Stews are shaped by the very first tracks chosen for play.

In this case, it’s Jim Byrnes and Wilson Picket’s 99 and a half  (just won’t do) from his Long Hot Summer Days Album.

The beautiful groove sets the tone for the show.

Songs that have a “settled” feel to them but you won’t break out in a sweat if you dance to them.

  • CCR – Midnight Special
  • Sugaree – The Dead
  • Can’t let go – Lucinda Williams
  • Rainbow – Robert Plant
  • Refugee (live) – Tom petty and the Heartbreakers
  • Fancy man blues – the Stones
  • D’Yer Maker – Sheryl Crow
  • Are you ready (live)  Bob Dylan
  • Sam Roberts
  • Johnny Cash
  • The Beatles
  • Steve Marriner
  • Whitehorse
  • Dave Alvin
  • Fleet Foxes
  • Miss Tess
  • New Ariel Posen and Corey Wong

Have a great Saturday night!!



Mulligan Stew Aug 14 2021
It’s Saturday Night and this is The Stew
Ninety nine and half Jim Byrnes Long hot Summer nights
Sugaree (live) Grateful Dead Live at Fox Theatre St Louis Coming up Lucinda. Robert Plant. Jackson Browne. Stones
Can’t let go Lucinda Williams Car Wheels on a gravel road
Rainbow Robert Plant Digging Deep Subterania
Spare Tire Ariel Posen – Corey Wong Spare Tire
Heads UP – Dan Mangan on the MulliganStew Podcast Next – Tom Petty Live
Refugee (live) Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Live Anthology
Fancy man blues The Rolling Stones Rarities (71-2003)
D’Yer Maker Sheryl Crow Tuesday Night Music Club (deluxe)
This weeks MulliganStew Podcast – Dan Mangan The complete interview Spotify. Google Play. Apple Podcasts
In my life Johnny Cash CASH
For no one The Beatles Revolver
Golden Hour Sam Roberts Band Lo-Fantasy Coming Up – Bob Dylan Live
Are you ready (live) Bob Dylan Trouble no more
Highway 61 Dave Alvin from an old guitar
Baby. What you want me to do Whitehorse The Northern South Vol 2
MulliganStew Podcast – Complete Dan Mangan Interview
I am all that I need.arroyo secco.thumbprint scar Fleet Foxes Crack Up
Gamblin Man Miss Tess Miss Tess
Dan Mangan on the Podcast – Don’t miss
Thanks for listening – Be careful out there.
Honey Bee Steve Marriner Hope Dies Last