Mulligan Stew June 26th – Special Guest Leeroy Stagger

This week’s very special interview guest is Leeroy Stagger bringing with him new music from his forthcoming album Dystopian Weekends.  Leeroy lets us know that unlike the last two albums he made for wider audiences. This one he made for him. Leeroy also talks about hosting Dirty Windshields on CKUA. It got him through the lockdown. Dystopian Weekends captures the sound of early Byrds, Clapton, Laurel Canyon.

Two stand-out songs – Buffy’s song Greedy Guts and Black Teenagers.

That last song deals with the headlines this very weekend. The Floyd George Murder. 



Full disclosure – I jumped the gun on the release date. It’s not coming out until well after Summer but as Leeroy says “the whole model of what is an album release has changed. Given Covid, lockdown, and technical innovations it’s a whole new format. So, run with it.”

The complete interview can be heard on The Mulligan Stew Podcast. Right after the show.

The Festival Radio Series launched last week and it airs during the first 30 minutes of The Stew  –   so this is our second 90 minute Summer Show!

Those 90 minutes become very important.

If you check the playlist below you’ll see we start with the co-host of Festival radio Dawn Pemberton. She’s a sanger!!

Some “Live Butter”

Curtis Mayfield

The Band/The Byrds/Fats/Robert Plant/iskwe & Tom Wilson/Dusty/Beatles/Tony Bennett and k.d.lang.

Also a Frank Zappa Live album Zappa 88: The Last U.S. Show and the haunting doo-wop ballad Love of my Life.

Frank and I got to be pretty good friends.  I did maybe 6-8 interviews with him. The last was in his Laurel Canyon house. With young versions of Moon Unit and Dweezil running through the room.

The walls were lined with 1-inch recording tapes..100’s of them. Each one a concert performance from somewhere. He was the best interview in rock – but you had to be prepped and ready because you were dealing with a very sharp mind and a bone-dry sense of humor.

Here are two shots of Frank and I.

Me. Clean shaven and me years later – all hair. Frank was Frank.

Here’s to Frank Zappa.  Truly gifted and one-of-a-kind.


Mulligan Stew June 26 2021
This is Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Interview Guest Leeroy Stagger – New album Dystopian Weekends
Don’t waste your time Dawn “Pembie” Pembereton Say Somethin’
Born under a bad sign (live) Paul Butterfield Band Live at the Troubadour
Road of Stone Maria Muldaur and Tuba Skinny Let’s get happy together
People get ready Curtis Mayfield Berlin Sessions
Youngblood The Band til the night is gone. Tribute to Doc Pomus
chestnut mare The Byrds Untitled
Bell Bottom Blues Larkin Poe Kindred Spirits
www.mulliganstew.cas In 30 minutes – Leeroy Stagger Guests
Uptown Lockdown Steve Marriner Hope Dies last Coming UP – Fats. Amos. Frank & Rob (Domino.Milburn.Zappa.Plant)
I want to walk you home (live) Fats Domino Live in Austin Texas
Sax Shack Boogie Amos Milburn Jump Blue
Love of my life (live) Frank Zappa Zappa 88
Angel Dance Robert Plant Band of Joy
This is Mulligan Stew with TDMulligan Coming UP – Leeroy Stagger Interview in 15 minutes
Starless Nights Iskwe and Tom Wilson single
Son of a preacher man Dusty Springfield Dusty in Memphis NEXT – Beatles. Tony Bennet and kdlang then Leeroy Stagger
Here comes the Sun The Beatles Abby Road (2019)
What a Wonderful World Tony Bennett and k.d. lang
Leroy Stagger Interview with tdm
More love than Money Leeroy Stagger Dystopian Weekends
Leeroy Stagger Interview complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Black Teenagers Leroy Stagger Dystopian Weekends
Leeroy Stagger Interview complete interview on MulliganStew Podcast
Greedy Guts Leeroy Stagger Dystopian Weekends
Leeroy Stagger Interview details at
Does anybody live here Leeroy Stagger Dystopian Weekends