EP 152 | Greg Keelor

Greg Keelor.  Co-Founder, co-Singer, co-Writer of one of Canada’s premier bands Blue Rodeo. Share the Love is his 6th solo album.

When I asked “do you  know how many solo albums you’ve  done and what the names are?”  the answer was an emphatic No.

And that was my  first question. I had another 45 minutes of questions. Now what?

Greg spun his first story about he and Jimmy Bowskill sitting around, in a hash haze throwing song ideas and guitar licks back and forth and all of a sudden there’s an album taking shape.

They recorded it and later went to a small community center at a lake to play the songs again while video cameras shot the songs for promo.

THAT recording was so good, they scrapped the studio record and went with the community hall by the lake session.

That was Greg’s answer to the second question…and we were off and running.

We cover a lot of ground with Greg Keelor..ups and downs.  Losses both human and personal.

The album is very good. His best work yet. We both agreed that the feel of the record was much like the late 60’s in LA with Buffalo Springfield and The Byrds.

He’s a good man that Greg Keelor.  Please subscribe and take 20 minutes to enjoy!

And hello Jimmy Bowskill!

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