EP 118 | Margo Price Interview

If you Google Margo Price, you’ll discover that almost everyone who writes about her has a slightly different description of her will and her way.

That’s because she writes and sings about pain, loss, loneliness, failed romance, and giving herself a good talking to.

Her gift is that even though those songs are about dark things she sings them with passion and joy and a thrilling voice.

Margo is called an outlaw in Nashville. Likened to Janis Joplin in California, New York loves her.

Every song takes her closer to stardom but only on her terms. Personally she’s a Mother who has children but has already lost one in early death.

She lost her friend John Prine, lost a Grammy nomination.

Her husband battled COVID 19, she’s off the road for the first time in years..tending her garden.

Has a memoir coming next year and every day it seems she starts another war of words in her social postings.

Supporting Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, white privilege, and many others.

Our complete conversation covers all these things and 4 tracks from her new album That’s how rumors get started

Enjoy your time with Margo Price – I sure did