Mulligan Stew May 2nd 2020- Ron Sexsmith Interview

#Sing for Spring is behind us

The historic CKUA Spring Fundraiser is behind us.

And so is Winter.


Into that bright light that appears to be The Sun.

Our guest Saturday just happens to be one of the best songwriters that this country has ever produced.

RON SEXSMITH has just released his new album Hermitage, implying I suppose,  that by moving from Toronto to Stratford Ontario he has become a hermit.

I’ve discovered that trying to find the meaning behind Ron’s songs is a Fools Game. 

What he does best is enter your heart and your mind with words and textures that trigger emotions and memories.

I love talking to Ron.  We have the same sense of humor and history.

We like the same artists

Ray Davies and The Kinks

Randy Newman

Warren Zevon

The Who

John Lennon


Harry Nilsson

And best of all, he sits on a bench near his house (Chateau Mermaid).

He constructs ideas for songs there.

The bench is dedicated in the memory of the great Richard Manuel, from The Band.

What goes around comes around.

FYI – The complete interview can be heard following The Stew on the MulliganStew Podcast

Saturday from 5-7 Mtn we celebrate the amazing success of the Spring playing a bag full of music.

And read some of the donor dedications that we didn’t get to last weekend.

Little Feat Live

Frazey Ford

Bob Marley


A new version of Stay High by Brittany Howard

New Corb Lund

Black Pumas

Leon Russell


Marvin Gaye

And a whole segment of some of the mentors that Ron mentions as influencers to him…

The Band (featuring Richard Manuel)

The Beatles

Randy Newman

Elton John

Harry Nilsson

New Stones single

Enjoy the music…you earned it.

Stay Safe. Stay inside. Wash your hands. Be KIND

And thank you for all the support!!!


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Ron Sexsmith Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast  
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Ron Sexsmith Interview Complete Interview on Mulligan Stew Podcast  
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