EP 94 | Daryl Cloran Shakespeare and the Beatles

William Shakespeare’s As you like it has been called his Romantic Comedy (RomCom).

It’s got laughs,   love and rejection, women dressed as men, men dressed as wrestlers.

And Director Daryl Cloran was challenged to weave  the magic of The Beatles into the dialogue.

Instead of soliloquies..we get I am the Walrus.

25  Beatles songs, William Shakespeare AND wrestling.  Let’s go.

Opens tonight at The Citadel in Edmonton

“As You Like” by RMTC and Citadel performed at the John Hirsch Mainstage as part of the master playwrights festival.

“As You Like It” cleverly blends Shakespeare’s gift with language and 25 Beatles songs performed live, including She Loves YouI Want to Hold Your HandLet It Be and Here Comes the Sun. Will you love it? Yeah, yeah, yeah.

“Like it? I loved it. This one’s a hit.” –  Georgia Straight

“You’d have to be a real nowhere man not to be on your feet and singing along.” -Vancouver Sun

Tickets for the first week are nearly sold out. Book yours, and make sure to arrive early for the pre-show Superstar Wrestling match!

“As You Like It” runs from Feb 15 – Mar 15, 2020 at Edmonton’s Citadel Theatre.

Music begins at 7:05 p.m. Wrestling begins at 7:15 p.m.
More info at www.citadeltheatre.com