EP 90 | Daniel Lanois

I used to see musician Daniel Lanois at least once a year as he toured Canada with various bands..pedal steel was his specialty.

I can’t begin to explain the joy I had watching his career explode.

From his music-filled home growing up in Hull, Que to  his Mothers move to Hamilton Ontario

Daniel and his brother Bob were born to play and sing.

They built a small studio in her basement and that became their light at the end of the tunnel.

Daniel produced enough music with local bands that the one and only Brian Eno asked to meet him and they started working together.

This lead to Grammy-winning albums with U2, Bob Dylan plus  Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson, Emmylou  Harris, Neil Young, The Neville Brothers, Willie Nelson.

Think about the body of work…Unforgettable Fire, Joshua Tree, Oh Mercy, Time out of Mind, Wrecking Ball, So & Us just as a starter.

-Needless to say, I hadn’t seen Daniel for many years – 21 to be exact – when I found him backstage at the Edmonton Folk Music Festival of a couple of years ago.

We started trying to figure out where we last saw each other…

It was a studio in Calgary recording a charity single called Land – with The Tragically Hip, Midnight Oil, Crash Vegas, Hothouse Flowers, etc.

The single was Land – to bring awareness to clear cut logging in  Clayoquot  Sound.

Let’s meet one of the world’s greatest producers Daniel Lanois backstage in Edmonton.