August 17th, 2019 – Jason Priestley. Willie Mitchell. Brendan Morrison AND  Andrea Sartori (121 years of Wine)

Jason Priestley. Willie Mitchell. Brendan Morrison AND  Andrea Sartori (121 years of Wine)



 Jason Priestley – BH90210. Private Eyes.


Jason has never really stopped working.

If he’s not acting, he’s directing. Sometimes at the same time.

Right now, he’s doing a lot of everything.

One of the most iconic series ever shot has made a return to TV.

Beverly Hills 90210.  Ran for 10 season on Fox, the whole of the 90’s.

BH 90210-cast-2019

The series and Jason  became  global teen sensations. I saw the full effect of his star power as we travelled Europe and South America shooting Hollywood and Vines TV. Fans hiding in bushes..behind posts..and full-on swarming in city squares.

Jason is a West Coast guy and any chance to get back AND  go fishing is not to be taken lightly.

He flew in with his  fabulous wife Naomi and their kids.

We met up  at Willie Mitchell’s Tofino Resort and Marina.

Willie took us fishing on his glorious boat as part of Brendan Morrison’s  Salt Water Classic  fundraiser.

Willie. JP. Me

During a lull in the action, I grabbed my microphone and recorder and hit record.

We talked 90210. The loss of his friend Luke Perry. The amazing success of Private Eyes on both sides of the border.

The  wines he and Chad Oakes created with Les Behrens at Spring Mountain,  St Helena, California

How much better I was a at fishing than he was.  Enjoy!!

Brendan Morrison and Willie Mitchell – Both X-NHL stars. Both West Coast guys . Both are fishing freaks. Good Friends.

Willie Mitchell and Brendan Morrison



In its 10th year, the Tofino Saltwater Classic fishing derby was created by former National Hockey League player Brendan Morrison as a fundraiser for a long list of Tofino youth and  community initiatives.

More than $575,000 CAD has been raised thus far.

130 anglers. Catch and release components. Largest was a Chinook weighing 31.2 lbs.

When I did finally get the boys to stop and sit together for 10 minutes  we talked about the Saltwater Classic . However,  what we  really wanted to talk about was, preserving the West Coast fishery.

Now that’s a subject everyone is focusing on. From fishing boats  to sport fishing to chefs and restaurants.  The fundraising silent auction was winding down and the announcer on the dock was squeezing the last dollar out of wet jeans. So at times, there’s a lot of talking going on.



BUT,  important funds were being raised and so we carried on.

Andrea Sartori – 5th generation of Sartori du Verona

Andrea Sartori

For over a century, Sartori, a leading name in fine wines from northeast Italy’s Veneto region, has stood for traditional values and — above all — a boundless passion for quality winemaking.

The family took its first step in 1898, when Pietro Sartori

This marked the advent of Sartori di Verona. A few years later, Pietro’s son, Regolo, built the winery into the family’s core business, and by the 1950s Regolo’s two sons expanded the winery and brought these wines to international recognition, they then bought Villa Maria, a vineyard with a small cellar attached, in the heart of the Veneto region’s Valpolicella district, to assure a source of high quality wine for his hotel.tion, exporting them around the world.

Villa-Maria Sartori


Today, Andrea Sartori, Pietro’s great-grandson, is at the helm. Like his forefathers, he has taken steps to broaden the reputation of Sartori di Verona and to guarantee the quality behind it.

In 2002, the company joined with Cantina Colognola, giving the family rare guaranteed access to more than 6,200 acres of high-quality grapes in the Soave and Valpolicella zones, where few wine houses control their own vineyards.


In 2003, Sartori hired the renowned Franco Bernabei as consulting winemaker. His work with the winery marks a return to Bernabei’s roots:

…although he has lived in Tuscany for over 25 years, he is, in fact, a native son of the Veneto.


Sartori has always fought for Verona, focusing exclusively on the classic Veronese wines: Valpolicella, Soave, Bardolino, Bardolino Chiaretto. The labels on which the company is now focusing on are Regolo Valpolicella Superiore Ripasso DOC and Marani Bianco Veronese IGT.

Nowadays Sartori’s success is in large part due to its international efforts, which represent over 80% of its sales in over 70 countries all around the world: throughout Europe, in North and South America, in Russia, in South East Asia. To honor this story full of challenges and satisfactions, the 120th Anniversary special edition wines  have now reached across Canada.

 We’re tasting and talking about:

Sartori’s Pinot Grigio,

Veronese Marani Bianco,

L’Appassione 2015,

Amarone Della Valpolicella  2012.

Plus the limited release 120th anniversary wines

 Valpolicella Superiore Doc 2016

Valpolicella Ripasso Superiore Doc 2015

Amarone Della Valpolicella Classico DOCG  2012

Thank You to:

Colleen Wilkinson

Lynda Kaye

Willie Mitchell



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