Mulligan Stew Nov 17 2018-Winnipeg Special!


It’s smack in the middle of the country.

Influences, whether it be The arts,  food or wine come from East and West.

So how is it, that Winnipeg and Manitoba consistently gift all of Canada with singers and songwriters?

Bands and artists?

All the way back to The Guess Who, Neil Young, BTO, The Weakerthans, Crash test Dummies and so many others.

We have three guests on this week’s Stew.  All three call Winnipeg home.


The Bros Landreth.  Sound like a  latter day Little Feat.

Joey and David. And their buds as supporting band.  Great playing and songwriting.

Joey has a new album coming out. Touring Alberta this week.

Saturday Calgary – Sunday Lethbridge – Tuesday Red Deer –  Wednesday Edmonton.

The Bros album comes out in the Spring.

Carly Dow – Two albums from Kick starter. The first was the very successful Ingrained.

Now comes Comet.

Filled with hooks,  poetry and an understanding of human nature.  Nature period.

Carly is, after all, an Environmental  Scientist.

One of Carly’s best friends is Madeleine Roger who also has a new album out.

Cottonwood was also a Kick-starter project.

Yes, she sounds like a young Joni Mitchell.  That’s just the way she’s built.

Speaking of building, her twin brother Lucas (Roger Roger) builds guitars. Madeleine builds beautiful Kayaks.

And exceptional music. Here is a voice for a generation.

Well done Winnipeg.

Check out the playlist below…

The Beatles demos from the White Album Super Deluxe.

New Los Lobos, Dan Mangan.

Eric Clapton Live, U2 , Whitehorse, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart, The Band and Staple Singers, Madeleine Peyroux, Kinks, Paul Simon.




Mulligan Stew Nov 17 2018
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The Fear Los Lobos single from Next Album
angel of harlem U2 Rattle and Hum
Baby, scratch my back Whitehorse The Northern South Vol1 Mulligan Stew – The Winnipeg Special
all day and all of the night (live) The Kinks Live at the BBC
Isn’t she lovely Stevie Wonder Hitsville
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I want a little girl (live) Eric Clapton One more Car. One more rider Live
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Revolution (Demo) The Beatles The Beatles Super Deluxe
Back in the USSR (Demo) The Beatles The Beatles Super Deluxe
Winnipeg Interviews Coming UP Bros Landreth.Carly Dow.Madeleine Roger
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The Weight The Band & The Staple Singers The Last Waltz
The Winnipeg Special NEXT Bros Landreth and Carly Dow
The Bros Landreth (David and Joey) Winnipeg Special
Made up Mind Bros Landreth Undercover
The Bros Landreth (David and Joey) Winnipeg Special
I am a fool Bros Landreth let it Lie (Deluxe)
Carly Dow Interview Winnipeg Special
Cut and Run Carly Dow Comet
Carly Dow Interview Winnipeg Special
Comet Carly Dow comet
Mulligan Stew with tdm The Winnipeg Special
Madeleine Roger Interview The Winnipeg Special
Sweet Little Lies Madeleine Roger Cottonwood
Madeleine Roger Interview The Winnipeg Special
60 years more Madeleine Roger Cottonwood
Madeleine Roger Interview The Winnipeg Special
automobile madeleine roger Cottonwood
Maggie May Rod Stewart All out 70’s
The Werewolf Paul Simon stranger to stranger
peaks and valleys dan mangan more or less
Mulligan Stew Thank You