Mulligan Stew July 28th 2018- Mid Summer tunes!

Ok, listen. It’s festival season. 
Stages everywhere are filled with great music. 
So this Saturday on Mulligan Stew we have our own festival. 
The What The f…k happened to July?” Festival. 
Playing music to recover those days gone by…

Any show that starts with “This is a Man’s World” LIVE has infinite possibilities.

Fyi – the next track is James Brown’s Please Please Please but as done by Dave and Phil Alvin…and we’re off and running!

Highlights include a double shot of David Byrne – as himself and as Talking Heads.

I particularly like The Stone Set with

Amy Helm – Roll the Stone

Leon Russell – Roll away the Stone

Blackie and the Rodeo Kings – I’d have to be a stone.

The donor for hour two asked for specific Canadian artists..thus:

Neil Young – Live at Massey Hall..introduces a “new” song called Old Man.  Neil explains that he was writing about the manager that came with Ranch he had purchased.

“I think he’s around 70 now”…So, this is 1971 when Neil was a young man.  Neil today is 72 and he has become the old man he wrote about all those years ago.

Chilliwack – Fly at Night Live

Sam Roberts – Detroit 67 Live

Spirit of Canada (Barney/Doyle/BNLadies/Sarah/Colin James/Byrnes/Cuddy) – Live at The Commodore singing Home for a Rest for John Mann. The song was recorded and shot in the Men’s Washroom at The Commodore.  Please find GoFundMe/John Mann

The Stew ends with a rush of “everything”

Early Leeroy Stagger

Romi Mayes

Panic at the Disco

A mini “Midnight” set with Eric Clapton and Gregg Allman

And we finish with The Birthday Boy – Mick Jagger and The Rolling Stones – Angie


Welcome to Mulligan Stew Playlist Summer 2018
This is a Man’s World (live) James Brown and the Famous Flames Live at The Appolo
please please please dave and phil Alvin Lost time
when love comes to town Herbie hancock (J lang/Joss Stone) Possibilities
Mulligan Stew year 22 TD Mulligan
Who David Byrne and St Vincent Love this giant
Burning down the house (live) Talking Heads Stop Making Sense
Coming UP on The Stew The Stone Set with Amy helm/Leon Russell/BARK
roll the stone amy helm didnt it rain
roll away the stone leon russell rertrospective
I’d have to be a stone Blackie and the rodeo kings South
TD Mulligan The Stew year 22
I wish Stevie Wonder Best of
we get along sharon jones and the dap kings give the people what they want
If all I was was black mavis staples if all i was was black
nadine jim byrnes St Louis times
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old man (live) neil young live at Massey Hall
fly at nifht (live) Chilliwack There and Back
Coming UP on The Stew New Paul McCartney – Old Leeroy Stagger
On Saturday night Lyle Lovett my baby don’t tolerate
Detroit 67 (Live) sam roberts itunes. Live from montreal NEXT – New Paul McCartney
Demons Dance Paul McCartney New single
not my baby (live) Romi Mayes Lucky Tonight
This is Mulligan Stew – CKUA Radio Coming UP – Home for a Rest – for John Mann
Home for a rest (live) Spirit of Canada Charity single
Petrified World Leeroy Stagger Everything is real
Roaring 20’s Panic at the Disco Pray for the Wicked
after midnight Eric Clapton Life in 12 Bars
midnight rider (live) Gregg Allman Back to Macon
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Angie (live) The Rolling Stones Live in Paris