Ep 2 | St. Patrick's Day Whiskey Special Podcast

Mar 16, 2018

In honour of St. Patrick’s Day, TDM takes us for a wee dram of whiskey at the legendary Palace Pub in Dublin! We’ll explore the fascinating history of Irish Whiskey with Michael Lawlor, head of Irish Whiskey Tours. He’ll tell us about the differences between Irish and Scotch whiskeys. Michael will also suggest some great food pairings when enjoying a dram.
Plus, we’ll talk to Michael Reddy of the Teeling Whiskey Company and Willie Ahern of The Palace Pub. They’ll tell us about new wave of Irish Whiskey aficionados in Dublin. And how pubs like the Palace are moving to establish their own house brands of Whiskey. Plus, we’ll hear about how they celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin.
(spoiler alert: it doesn’t involve green beer)