A Gaggle of Vancouver Sommeliers gathers at Unsworth Vineyards in the Cowichan Valley.  Can’t wait to talk to them.

Includes Somm of the Year Shane Taylor from CinCin!

(check  the outstanding names below)

Richard Da Silva from Misconduct/Naramata Bench guests as well and we finish with one of the best wine minds in the music business

Colin Linden from Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.



 As soon as I got the invite from Ron Bogdonov GM at Unsworth Vineyards in the Cowichan Valley Vancouver Island I knew it was just too good to pass up.

Chris Turyk, son of owner Tim Turyk and a seriously good wine guy who worked  at Hawksworth!

Chris invited his Sommelier friends in Vancouver and they all agreed to fly over on three planes to spend the day touring the cellars at Unsworth and then finishing with food and wine pairings  in their wonderful dining room.


Chris Turyk




Over 30 in total..all with sharp minds and even sharper tongues.

I recorded the highlights of the tour to start the show  – so you get to take it in as well.

Between the time the lunch ended and the buses left  for the return flight I started asking questions of them – 3 at a time.

Below are the really fun results.  We’re talking Unsworth, Cowichan, Trends, 2017 etc.



Peter Van Der Reep – Campagnolo Roma

Lisa Haley – L’ Abattoir

Kurtis Kolt – The Georgia Straight

Bryant Mao – Wine Director Hawksworth/Nightingale

Franco Michenzi – Hawksworth

Colin Davidson – Nightingale

Shane Taylor –   CinCin   Sommelier of the Year

Shane Taylor CinCin

David Stansfield – Earls Group

Sarah McCauley – Coast Restaurant

Chef Marc Perrier – Savio Volpe


I’m drawn to people  in the food and wine business who walk their own path. As a result they usually always make distinctive wines,  with character and focus.

Richard da Silva of Misconduct Wine Co on the Naramata Bench is one of those kind of people.

He makes the suspect and bootleg series of wines. (do you see a theme here)

First off, his family have been growers in the valley for years.  That alone puts him well ahead in the race for fruit and harvest standouts. It shows in his wines.  Blends, single growth varietals and seriously good food wines.

It helps that his food partner  in The Kitchen is a really good chef, Abul Adame.  Mexican born. French trained. He’s one of the very best anywhere in the valley. Over 30 Tapas with a large variety of options.


Love talking to Richard.  He’s a storyteller..it’s just that some of the stories “he can’t tell”.


…and finally it’s the semi-annual return of Colin Linden. Musician, Poet, singer/songwriter/producer and a very good friend.

Colin Linden

As he passed through Vancouver with Blackie and the Rodeo Kings we paused to do the usual music interview but then….5 seconds later I’m always asking the same question “what are you drinking” ?

Here’s four minutes of wine talk between two guys with only two minutes to spare.






Alberto Antonini. Presents Garzon wines from Uruguay

James Sichel – There’s been a Sichel In Bordeaux Since 1883

Frank Giustra. Dominica Fiore- One of the World’s Best Olive Oils

John Skinner. Painted Rock. Pairing with those oils

Umberto Menghi. He’s baaaaaack

Flourish!!   A fun Food and Wine event at Vancouver Community College

With Naramata Bench Wines: Kettle Valley, Elephant Island, Tightrope and  Chefs Angus An & Clement Chan