Mulligan Stew April 2nd – Live from the Juno Couch!

tdm&CuddyI think it all started over several glasses of wine.. with myself and Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo
The Junos were coming to Alberta and I was trying to figure out how best to do interviews with  the artists.
As luck would have it I was staying at The Fairmont Hotel MacDonald in Edmonton and they had these glorious big old couches in the Lounge.
We asked for permission to move two together and place 3-4 microphones on the cushions so that talent walking by could pick one up and join us..
Turned out to be a lot of fun.
You got country singers..riffing with guitar slingers..and reggae tokers sitting in with Rockin Smokers.
Roots, blues and pop..all in the same space.
We tried it again a couple of years ago in Ruths Chris is I’m not mistaken.
This year..we go all out!
Right on the street outside Milestones in downtown Calgary..across from The Hyatt Hotel..
Mulligan Stew on The Juno Couch will be 4-6PM for this week only!!
 We’ll have that Juno Couch ready to go under the CKUA tents..
I believe there will be some bubble being poured and some tunes being sung.
Jim Cuddy is bringing his son Devin.. they will be my  co-hosts as long as they can stay.
Here’s the current line-up on paper!!  Be prepared for surprises and some rare moments.



Mulligan Stew
Jim Cuddy / Devin Cuddy 04:00
Tom Wilson / David Gogo 04:10
Scott Helman 04:15
Whitehorse* 04:20
Alex Cuba 04:35
Alan Doyle 04:45
Matthew Good 05:00
Buffy Sainte-Marie 05:10
Matt Good 05:15
Miranda Mulholland 05:20
Emily Claire Barlow 05:30
Chad Saunders NMC’s Acting Director of Operations and Special Projects 05:45
Jonathan Roy 05:50