David Bowie-Raw Interviews with Terry David Mulligan

David Bowie has left the stage.
A magnetic personality who drew generations of fans to him by his very being.
So regal in his character that he could have been royalty.
Actually, he was rock royalty.
He spoke the truth and wrote a truth that few matched, blending his words into and through the music.
I had the amazing luck to spend one glorious night with him in his suite in Vancouver
He had just flown in from Japan and was just beginning his day as we were ending ours. He warned me he could talk for hours because of jet lag.
And so we did.. After the camera ran out of tapes..an hour I think, we just sat and talked. About family, children, jazz, Canada and Vancouver in particular.
The man was the kindest,nicest, most thoughtful artist I ever interviewed.
His loss numbs my heart but his influence  and his music will live on.