Mulligan Stew August 22nd 2015- Alabama Shakes’ Heath Fogg & Chilliwack’s Bill Henderson

Two guests this week.
Heath Fogg

Alabama Shakes-Heath Fogg

Heath Fogg. Guitarist for Alabama Shakes takes us through the beginnings of the band (their best cover song was Express Yourself)
Their starling discovery by radio, TV, YouTube and fans all over the World.
In a very short span on time they’ve become famous and fabulous on stage.
All of a sudden their small home town is starting to look pretty good.
Bill Henderson
The other guest we know well.
Bill Henderson. Leader and songwriter for Chilliwack.
He’s released a single called Take back this land.
Aren’t you just a little bit interested in what he’s referring to??
Great song too. Produced by Bob Rock and featuring 3 Henderson girls on background vocals.
Saturday 5-7pm (MDT).
Also a quick word about Sunday Brewery and the Beast in Calgary.



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